Doodleoze 500 Drawn Emotional Characters information


Reinforce Any Video By Touching The Deepest Human Emotions With The Relatable Characters To Skyrocket Engagement And Results.

Get 500 doodle sketch characters images with meaningful emotional expressions

Maximize Impact Of Your Doodle Videos

Among many other things, Doodleoze allows anyone, regardless of experience level, to create fascinating and engaging doodle videos in just minutes.

While doodle videos are proven time after time to capture viewers’ attention, skyrocket engagement, and boost sales to new levels, to reach the maximum potential of doodle videos you need to play on emotions.

The best way to do that is through a relatable character expressing the very emotions you want your audience to feel.

From emotions like despair when talking about a problem, to surprise, and ecstasy when talking about solution, to any human emotions you can image.

Make Audience Feel Emotions In Order To Deeply Connect With Your Message

You want the audience to feel emotions in order to deeply connect with your messages and take the action you desire.

Unfortunately, the problem is that it is very hard to find characters drawn the right way to have full emotional range you need.

After searching major stock images websites, I found out that not only emotional drawn characters are somewhat neglected by major stock images companies, which makes it super hard and time consuming to find anything usable, but when you finally manage to find something good enough, it can cost you $20 for just one image.

After wasting a lot of time on searching for emotional characters time after time, I thought that there has to be a better way and Emotional Characters project was born.

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